Compulsory documents

Navigation of less than 2 miles.
No obligatory documents.
Paper chart of the sailing area
Navigation between 2 and 6 miles
-International regulations* for preventing collisions at sea (rules of priority between
-Paper or electronic charts
-Document on lighting system
-Paper charts
-List of lights*
-Nautical instructions*
-Annual tides*
High seas navigation
-International regulations* for preventing collisions at sea
-Paper or electronic charts
-Lighting system documents
-Annual tides*
-List of lights*
-Paper charts
-Nautical instructions*
*These documents are published annually in works such as Bloc
Marine, Escales or the Breton maritime guide. These works may
replace them only on condition they have on board the work of the
year in course.


Paper charts and GPS

The report of a position: be it from a chart onto the GPS or vice versa, may not be
done without making certain verifications, notably of the geodesic system used. The
GPS system calculates the position starting from a worldwide system called WGS84.
Marine charts have been calculated using different systems, for example for Europe:
EURO-50. There exist, throughout the world, hundreds of systems. The difference
between the position on WGS84 and another system may be significant; even reaching
as much as a mile or more. The majority of GPS permit the display of position in a
system other than WGS84. This is the first point to verify when one reports position
on a paper chart, one must ensure that the two (chart and GPS,) are in the same system.
Fortunately, all new publications or editions of SHOM marine charts covering French
waters, since 1st January 2001 are in WGS84. One may however, have on board,
charts of other geodesic systems. Navigators must be especially careful when
reporting positions between two charts. The correction to be made between ED50 and
WGS84 is noted on the charts. If the two charts are from different geodesic systems,
the geographic coordinates read on a chart must be corrected before being marked on
the other. SHOM marine charts carry warnings reminding of this necessity.
Sometimes it is easier to set the GPS on the same system as the chart.