AD Commitment: support environmental action !

At AD you will find all ecological and durable equipment needed to maintain your boat and respect our enviroment: materials, black and gray water, maintenance products of natural origin selected for their biodegradability and environmental protection, motor fuel overflow solutions. 100% ecological, 100% organic, 100% green.
At AD, we opted for the transparency of our products!

AD Labels nature adores !

The paper used for printing your AD Guide comes from sustainably managed forests. Printed Green certification, meanwhile, aims to reduce the environmental impact of printing.

AD is Blue Boat labelled

Result : AD offers systems for effective management of black water (toilet water) and any equipment to prevent overflow during refueling. To learn more about our eco-friendly actions, ask our staff or read about it on the site!

AD supports the APER

L'Association for the Plaisance Eco-Responsable is responsible for the deconstruction of pleasure boats out of service. 

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