1. Rigid or inflatable?

    If your boat is mooring all year, you may as well opt for a rigid dinghy. This will be more efficient on the water (it glides better) and stronger when it is necessary to remove from the water. Some even have wheels designed for this purpose. Obviously it is not possible though, to fit them in an onboard chest, or a car.

    For how many people?

    Choose your dinghy in accordance with the number of people you may wish in it. The smalle st models only take two crew the largest more than six.

    Shape and volume of the floats

    On a dinghy, larger floats offer better protection against waves. Do not think that you wil not be wet when the sea becomes choppy, but larger floats may make this later rather than sooner. Check the diameter in the tables.

    What bottom for my

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  2. Choosing… your winch

    Ratchet Winch

    +Mechanism simple and proven
    +Minimal maintenance
    +Use with cable or strap
    +Low price
    -Use carefully to avoid ratchets coming loose
    -Danger of crank rotation when the boat descends

    Brake winch

    +Holds the boat manually when raising
    +Avoids accidental crank returns
    +Same low maintenance as ratchet models
    +May be used with cable or strap
    -More expensive than ratchet models


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