When considering whether to add an extra tank another question is posed: where to put it?

Two solutions:

-If you can dispose of a large rectangular chest you can opt for a rigid plastic tank.

-Another solution, that allows you to lose a minimum of space, is to opt for a flexible tank which is easier to locate. These are constructed of three layers: one for strength, one for reinforcement and one to guarantee consumer quality.


So that the surrounding equipment, particularly on non-moulded boats, do no damage the tank, it is prudent to line the sides and bottom of the tank with a carpet (or suchlike.)To minimize chafing the tank must be fixed, eyelets are provided for this purpose. For wintering, if you are in a region at risk of freezing, it is a good idea to drain it. At the start of the season, clean the tank with a suitable product (Pura T or Kilbateank) and for purity use a disinfectant (Aqua Clean, Bactend or Elsil.)