The LED lighting is interesting for lighting inside the boat. It allows great savings without losing light. One may also use it to replace navigation or mooring lights.
Here too the savings will be substantial but always use certified products. Never take chances with safety.


Hoping for huge savings, users flocked to the LEDs. But these bulbs or complete lamps were not suitable for battery operation. The main problem was the supply voltage. The LEDs are very fragile components that do not support surges (which are very violent when starting the engine for example.) It is imperative to protect them by an electronic circuit. Today all AD catalogue bulbs possess this. Another problem was the colour temperature. If LEDs of colour are very simple (red, green or blue) to make them in white requires more expertise. The first white Leds displayed a very harsh white, today thay are a warm white (which illuminates less crudely,) more suitable for reading for example. The last concern was the beam width of an LED. Previously, we found only LEDs with an illuminating beam of 60 °. Today there are more versatile LED with 120 ° beam.


Replacing navigation lights, with travelling or even anchor lights allows for great savings of energy. A traditional boat light uses 10W bulbs for boats of less than 12metres, or 25 for those larger than 12metres. With Leds you consume about 10 times less. Certain models, such as the Optolamp even include a feature to turn them on and off automatically. This saves even more!
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Remplacez le projecteur de pont par un spot à Leds. Il éclairera avec la même puissance mais au lieu des 55W consommé, il ne consomme que 11W.

Pensez à l'éclairage du cockpit en optant pour une baladeuse à Leds branchée sur l'allume cigare. En plus elle pourra aussi servir de feu de mouillage.


Leds now exist in all forms to replace all interior light bulbs and even neons, which light your boat’s interior. This indeed may even provide too much choice. We advise you to ensure you replace all bulbs with the correct Led replacements.
Among the bulbs you can also choose between two colour temperatures. The cool white, more violent, is well suited in areas where we want to see. The kitchen or engine room for example. As a reading light, or to illuminate the main cabin choose the warmer white. This is more comfortable for long periods on the eyes.
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Relace the deck searchlight with a Led spot. This illuminates with the same power but instead of 55W consumed, consumes just 11W. Think of lighting the cockpit with a wandering Led with cigarette lighter connection. In addition it may also serve as a mooring light.