A legal obligation

AD stores offer solutions adapted to your needs in accordance with the law in force (Decree 2009 no.2009-393 from 8th April 2009.) (See table.)
-Registration numbers for ships and water vehicles.
-Name of ship and registration initials for sailing vessels from 7 metres.
-Dinghies: AXE + name of carrying vessel.
Letters and numbers are in adhesive form. They are delivered with a support/transfer easy
to use, regular spacing and perfect alignment. You can also personalise your markings.
Different fonts and colours in vinyl are in the catalogue. We offer two types of adhesives: for soft shells (pneumatic) and hard (alu, polyester…) Contact your local AD stockist for order forms.
Good to know: An internal identification mark is compulsory for all ships registered for
the first time from 1st June 2009 and for all ships from June 20102. It consists of the registration number visible near the pilot’s position in the cockpit, the dimensions are free.
Types of boat Length External identification mark Height of mark
Sailing vessels
Less than 7 metres No obligation for external mark from 7 to 12 metres Name of ship and service initials Larger than 4 cm
Larger than 12 metres registration at the stern Larger than 7 cm
Motor boats
Less than 7 metres and VNM Registration number on 2 sides Larger than 4 cm from 7 to 12 metres of the shell of the superstructure Larger than 7 cm larger than 12 metres Larger than 12 cm
Annexe AXE + mark of carrying vessel