Outboard motors

The proper use
Once the engine is started it is necessary to check that the cooling pump works well (water jet to the rear of the motor.)One should not turn it out of the water. Whentransporting, it should never be placed upside down. Always take quality marine oil both for 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines.


Wintering and maintaining an outboard motor

On an outboard motor, there is little maintenance. However, the water system must be rinsed and the oil changed (4-stroke motor.)The base (2 and 4 stroke,)is filled with a special oil and this must be changed once per year (the change permits checking the water has not entered the base, in this case one must change the joint.)Flushing the engine is imperative before wintering. To dissolve the salt stuck to the walls of the water system and in the water pump, it must run at least one hour in fresh water. The carburetor must be emptied of petrol (running the engine until fuel exhaustion). On all outboard motors, there are grease fittings (rudder control, direction, clamping systems ...). These must be lubricated before wintering. When returning it to service, it is imperative to put in fresh gasoline.


Inboard engines

The oil circuit
The oil level should be checked regularly; emptying performed at intervals recommended by the manufacturer and at least once a year. The inverter too must be oiled, a small quantity each year. Note, certain inverters use specific types of ATF oil. The amount of oil (engine and gear) should be as specified by the manufacturer. Never add more. The oil filter should be changed at every oil change. Utilise the winter break as a chance to grease all linkages.
The cooling system
On indirect cooling motors, it is necessary to control the liquid coolant level and check the exchanger at least every two years. Direct cooling engines, after a few years are more sensitive to heat. As soon as one rises in temperature, the engine warms up and triggers an alarm. In this case it is often necessary to clean all the ducts. To avoid this, regularly check the exhaust, ensuring that water exits efficiently. For wintering, there must be coolant in the water circuit. One closes off the water inlet and pours
The fuel circuit
This is one of the most sensitive points. Fuel quality may be different depending on where refueled. It is imperative to have a pre-filter and a filter on the engine (see filter.) It is important to regularly check that there is no water in the decanter and to change at every oil change, the fuel filter.