It is the riskiest circuit on boars. It is necessary to treat it with caution. If your boat has a 220volt circuit, make sure it is fitted with a differential circuit breaker, a general breaker a waterproof port socket and an electrical switchboard. If it is not equipped, or badly we provide the equipment (sockets, breakers…) to help you achieve it.

Une prise de quai doit répondre à des normes strictes.


The 12 (or 24) volt circuit from the batteries must be equipped with a bi-polar battery switch (+ and -.) The switchboard should at least be equipped with fuses or breakers. The diameter of the cables is based upon consumption and length. On a boat it takes, on average, 2 to 3A per mm². An 8 mm² cable passes, on average, between 16 and 25 A.


Boards, with fuses, are cheaper than those with breakers. If the fuse is properly sized, the protection is comparable to that of a breaker. The downside, if a problem does occur, is that one does not always have the correct replacement fuse. In this case, if a fuse that is too strong is inserted, the line is no longer protected. A circuit breaker, by contrast, in case of problems, instantly shuts down, and can quickly be returned to service. If the problem persists it will not let you re-engage it. It is true protection.

Un tableau complet permet de protéger tous les appareils électriques.


The construction and design of pleasure boats is subject to electrical installation regulations. These are the standards ISO 13297, ISO 8846 AND ISO 10133.
The cables must be such that the constant voltage borne by a powered device must not be less than 5% of that borne by the battery. The cables must not run along the bottom or where they risk immersion. The installation must withstand seawater and hydrocarbons.
Electrical outlets, panels and fixed equipment must be sealed against run off. All junctions and similar require a sealed box.

Professional Advice

“Avoid fuses or connections onboard unsuited to your switchboard. Keep up to date the plan of your on board circuitry, always prepare for a time you, may need it.|”