A desalinator, to function efficiently, must take the sea water into the membranes at more than 55bars. This requires a high pressure pump that operates at a constant pressure which works, depending on the desalinator in 12, 24 or 220 volts for electric pumps or on the motor on mechanical pump models. The installation of a watermaker depends on whether the unit is delivered by individual components (HP pump - central filter - control box) or compact where all the elements are mounted in the factory. The assembly of the second configuration is simpler but requires more space inside the boat. By choosing separate elements, they can fit in different corners on board.




The membranes should be rinsed with fresh water, at a pressure of ½ bar for immobilization of 3 to 4 days, or cleaned with a biocide solution in a closed circuit for immobilization of the unit for more than 7 days (wintering.)

Professional Advice
“If you do not have a generator system on board, choose a desalinator which works off the engine, this avoids power difficulties.”