Releasable stay, for perfect sails

This is an additional stay which enables sending a larger sail or compensating for a problem with the main stay. Called, “releasable,”because it can be taken to the foot of the mast when not in use.
It permits the use of sails while leaving the Genoa rolled.
The releasable stay is placed behind and parallel to the main stay. Its connects to the mast below that of the reel.
One fits, below the stay an adjustable turnbuckle. Instead of an inox cable, one may also use a textile cable. A strop is easy to use instaed of a turnbuckle.
The releasable stay permits posting a storm sail in case of bad weather. For safety, it is even imposed in certain races and ocean events.
The attachment points (mast and deck)must be reinforced. Ask advice at your store.