The pump must always be self-priming, be able to run empty for a time to reset the system, have a check valve and be able to be installed on rubber mountings to reduce noise. When choosing a water pump take account of the number of taps, the output (l/min,) the pressure, pipe diameter ( certain models come with different nozzles) and auto-fixing, models can be between 1 and 4m.
En complétant son circuit d'eau douce par une pompe à eau de mer, on réalise de sérieuse économie d'eau.


A water pump is not safe from surges and noise, in spite of manufacturer’s efforts (several chambers, valves etc...) and the presence of check valves. To minimize jerks (hammering,) due to air in the water, complementing the check valve, an expansion tank may be mounted on the  water system. We also offer a water system with integrated buffer tank. This tank provides  pressurized water for distribution of up to 80% capacity. This means that the pump starts up when the tank is ¾ empty. The pump turns as long as it takes to refill the tank. This system is the most effective in reducing noise and power consumption. Check it is compatible with the space you have available.