Contrary to the service pack, the capacity of the engine battery is not an important factor. For the latter, simply monitor the voltage. Inversely, one must constantly monitor the battery pack. In this case go for a manager which controls voltage and current and also gives the motor battery voltage. If you have two service battery units, it is necessary to take a double manager that controls all parameters (voltage, current,) and also indicates the motor battery voltage.


We have seen that to establish the electrical balance, we must know the currentdrawn by each appliance and, for preserving battery life, we should not discharge them excessively. To ensure this the most suitable device is the battery manager. You may also choose to acquire an ammeter. The installation is simple, it takes the place of the shunt on the circuit + (or-) depending on the model and connects to the manager. The value of the shunt must be chosen according to the maximum current flowing through it. The battery manager is an advanced ammeter. Depending on the model, it gives you the instantaneous consumption and current production. Above all, it makes the difference between consumption and production and deduces the battery status. With a manager, you can always know the remaining capacity in the batteries. It is, according to the model, expressed in percentage or Ah.