The average lifespan of a range is between 15 and 20 years. It may be much shorter, if not designed for use in saline environments. If you want to upgrade to a newer or more complete model, take some precautions.

Measure the length and breadth. Unless you wish to reconfigure your galley, the first item to check is the size. The most critical element is the width. If you have room, you can take a deeper or higher model. Remember to check the clearance at the base.

How many burners? Next come the number of burners: two is a good balance. Three as long as the rear burners are small or arranged in a triangle; two to the right or vice versa. Four burners are not useful at sea.

The right material…polished stainless steel requires significant maintenance. Simple stainless steel is a good solution; it demands less maintenance and also resists salt air. For the oven enamel is by far the best.

If your budget is tight, the right choice is an efficient 2 burner stainless steel model, with enamel oven. If your budget allows, the grill is an appreciable extra or a third burner. The electronic ignition is a plus if it is battery powered and easily accessible. Final points to check before purchase, the oven door must lock and its pane be removable. The temperature must remain low. If the oven has a grill, the door must have the option to lock ajar. The choice we offer is wide enough for you to find the right product for your needs and budget. The criteria for choosing a stove or oven are identical for that of a range.



The European Parliament, in 2001, set new standards for gas installation to improve safety onboard vessels. Does your set-up meet all three points of these new regulations? The regulator should be a metallic material, resistant to corrosion and equipped with a pressure relief device (a safety valve permitting discharge of excess pressure to prevent possible gas bottle explosion.)Domestic regulators do not comply with this provision (not adapted for the marine environment, they have problems with vibration and over pressure.) Flexible hoses (limited to 1m) must have fittings permanently installed; either pressed sleeves or threaded inserts. Finally, the installation must have a gas shut-off valve.




Kerdane (a sort of petrol) is a fuel that is found throughout the world. The start demands a little time to heat this fuel. Note that some stoves using this fuel can be converted into heaters.

Diesel. In the same genre, there are also diesel fuelled stoves. They are reliable and practical because they connect directly to the same tank as the engine.

Electric. The electric is conceivable if the energy is available, for example with a generator. The plates function on 220V. Induction plates function poorly with a group system, the current is not stable enough. It is necessary to use vitro-ceramics, controlling the heat plates mechanically.

Gas. These are the most common ovens for boats. There are several kinds of bottle each with its specific regulator. Choose a model adapted to your vessel and which can easily deal with what is demanded of it.