Surpass the regulations

The regulations require a fire extinguisher for every habitable 20 m2. For a motor compartment, one may use a remote control model. Ideally, install an extinguisher per cabin. Always think about the accessibility of the fire extinguisher after the fire has started. For the galley, it is prudent to double up with a fire blanket.

Act quickly

The speed of response is paramount ,especially as the operating time of a fire extinguisher is very brief. Count on 6 seconds for a model of 1 kg, for a 2 kg model on 8 to 10 seconds and 25 seconds for a 6 kg. All models have the same trigger system. Do not wait until a fire starts to read the manual.
Agir vite
La vitesse d’intervention est primordiale et ce d’autant plus que le temps de fonctionnement d’un extincteur est très bref. Comptez 6 secondes pour un modèle de 1 kg, pour un 2 kg de 8 à 10 secondes et 25 secondes pour un de 6 kg. Tous les modèles n’ont pas le même système de déclenchement. N’attendez pas un départ de feu pour lire la notice.

Extinguishers and anti-fire devices

Excluded from the boat CE: sections 2.43 to 2.47 of Division 240. Those previosly prescribed by the division 224, meet these demands.