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On board your boat, the WHALE in-line pump is a great ally. This pump is easy to use, compact and low-current. It can be used in conjunction with manual pumps to remove even the most stagnant water, which is sometimes more difficult to remove with an electric pump.
This in-line pump can be used to electrify a manual water system comprising up to 2 taps. The maximum flow rate is 13.2L/min at 0m. At 1m, its maximum flow rate is 11.75L/min.
Power consumption varies according to the delivery height (up to 3m), ranging from 2.9 to 3.6A. This pump requires a 12V power supply.
The strong point of this pump is that it can be transformed into a pressurised water system. In fact, by connecting your Whale pump to the WHALE vacuum contactor and installing a non-return valve, you can transform your electric pump into a real pressurised water system.
Technical characteristics:
- Maximum flow 13.2 l/mn at 0 m, 11.75 l/mn at 1m.
- Ø pipe 10 or 13 mm or 1/2'.
- Consumption from 2.9 to 3.6A depending on the delivery height (up to 3M).12 V.
Max output 13.2 l / min at 0 m, 11.75 l / min @ 1m. Ø pipe 10 or 13 mm or 1 / 2 '. Consumption of 2.9 to 3.6 A depending on the height of discharge (up to 3M) .12 V.
Technical characteristics
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Model GP99
Product Brand Whale
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