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EASYNAVTEX NASA dual-frequency receiver with remote antenna.

Navtex dual-frequency receiver with large backlit screen for flush mounting.

Receive the weather anywhere in the world thanks to the NAVTEX system.

This is an international coastal broadcasting system that transmits information concerning maritime safety (Notices to Mariners, weather bulletins, urgent information) under the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System.

EASYNAVTEX receivers are always on standby and record messages as soon as they are received.

They have a means of selecting messages so that only those from the zone concerned are received.

The seas and oceans are divided into 16 zones, each with one or more transmitters.

In order to avoid interference, the transmitters take it in turns to transmit their information at fixed times, for 10 minutes every 4 hours.

The range varies from 150 to 650 nautical miles.

The reception frequency is international (518 kHz) and messages are in English.

France has a national system (490 kHz) allowing messages to be received in French.

You can programme the channels to change automatically between 518 Khz and 490 Khz.
Delivered with stick antenna and 7 metres of cable.
Power supply: 12V.
Consumption: 50 mA - 12V (100mA with backlight).

- Dual frequency version 490 and 518 Khz.
- Frequency change at the touch of a button.
- Built-in version.
- Menu in French.
- Automatic error correction.
- Extended memory.
- Black text on white background for easy reading.
- Large LCD screen.
- Dimensions : 150 x 112 x 42 mm.

Optional mounting bracket and antenna support.
Technical characteristics
More Information
Supply voltage 12V
Length 150 mm
Product Brand Nasa
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