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To accompany you on your various outings at sea, it's essential to have quality equipment. Whether it's a cruise, a fishing trip, or any other maritime outing, it's useful to be equipped with professional-quality navigation tools.
Accastillage Diffusion selects marine-quality tools and accessories to make your navigation easier. This TOPO protractor is an integral part of your equipment. This tool makes it easy to plot and survey a route.
This practical navigation ruler is very easy to use thanks to its ingenious system.
How to use the TOPO mobile protractor
First of all, place the ruler on the map in the direction of the landmark to be plotted or the route to be followed. Then you need to rotate the central disc in a northerly direction with the reading window at the top of the map. Then match the grid on the central disc with a parallel or meridian. Finally, you can read the bearing of the landmark or the precise heading of the route to follow in the reading window.
Technical specifications:
Material: transparent PVC
Dimensions: H13cm W33cm thickness 1mm
Weight: 69g
Made in France
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