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HARKEN brand MC LUBE is a dry lubricant formulated to improve the performance of sails, hulls, deck fittings, etc. It helps extend the life of all your yacht's equipment. The hydrophobic properties of HARKEN's MC LUBE lubricant make it suitable for all types of surfaces. It can therefore be applied to wood, plastic, metal or steel. Once applied, MC LUBE transforms on contact with air into a hard, smooth film that protects your equipment. Unlike other oil- or wax-based products, the lubricant lasts longer. Here's an exhaustive list of where you can use it:
? The entire surface of the mast,
? All pulleys,
? The genoa,
? Spreader end pieces,
? Mainsail travellers,
? Tools and other equipment on your boat.
The tube of this lubricant has a sealing system that prevents any risk of leakage once opened. We recommend shaking the tube well before use.
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Packaging Aerosol 300 ml
Product Brand Mclube
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