Régulateur 6BT 12V

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This totally marinized and waterproof regulator allows wind turbines and hydro generators to deliver all their power to the batteries thanks to special diodes which do not consume current. The battery voltage analysis is entrusted to a PMV monitoring system. The voltage is adjustable by potentiometer between 11.5 - 17 volts for the 12V versions and from 25-30.5 volts for the 24V versions. This setting allows the regulation voltage to be adjusted according to the battery technology used. When the batteries are fully charged, current is diverted to one or two ceramic resistors depending on the model. The excess current is thus dissipated in the form of heat. This principle is essential for optimal operation because the alternator of the wind turbine or hydro generator remains constantly charged, the system is autonomous and does not interfere with any other source of charge
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