Portable air conditioner

Ref. E63135
  • strong points Easy to set up and store, compact and lightweight.
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The portable air conditioner is specially adapted to sailboats and motorboats, its carrying handle gives it unrivalled mobility, lightweight and compact, it is easy to set up and store.

Connection cable 1 metre non-removable.
Control 2 speeds and programmer up to 7.5h.
Dehumidification capacity: 20L / 24h.
Maximum capacity: 16m3.
Dim: External compressor 20x44x38cm. Interior fan 18.5x39.5x36cm. Voltage 220/240V - 50 Hz. Power consumption: 1.63A. Sound Volume 55Db. Total weight = 22kg.
Technical characteristics
More Information
Dimensions 530 x 170 x 185 mm
Height 185 mm
Outlet diameter 100 mm
Flow 155/190/275/280
Consumption 25/35/80/85 W
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