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SOROMAP Polistrat polishing paste is a slightly abrasive product that restores laminated plastics and varnishes. It is packaged in 500g jars and can be stored in a frost-free environment and at temperatures above 50°C. It expires after 24 months. It expires after 24 months.
Polistrat removes dirt and restores the original colour of gelcoat. The product is a smooth, white paste. It is non-flammable and non-toxic. It contains mild abrasives.
Soromap Polistrat polishing paste can be applied by hand or mechanically using a polishing machine fitted with a sheepskin brush.
Application by hand is fairly easy. A small amount of Polistrat should be applied to the area to be treated, then buffed with a sheepskin or, failing that, a cloth. The operation is carried out in small areas. It is advisable to wear gloves. Wash your hands after using Soromap Polistrat polishing paste. The product may slightly irritate eyes and skin. In the event of prolonged contact with the skin, wash thoroughly with clean water. Keep Polistrat away from children.
Soromap has specialised for over 50 years in the manufacture of maintenance products and paints for pleasure boats.
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