Stainless steel miniature pulley sheave Ø 4 mm Wichard

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Pulleys are an integral part of a boat's equipment. They are an essential part of any boat's equipment. Unfortunately, there is no universal block that can be used for all the functions of a boat. This mechanical device is indispensable, as it facilitates all the manoeuvres required to keep your boat running smoothly. It can be used to hoist sails, furl a sheet, etc.
This miniature block from WICHARD is a friction block. This is the classic type of pulley. It is perfectly suited to static loads such as halyards or runners. This type of block has a stainless steel sheave for excellent strength. Despite its strength, the friction block is not the fastest because friction remains high under the load.
There are some important criteria to consider: breaking loads and working loads. In terms of load, this miniature pulley has a breaking load of 300kg and a working load of 150kg. It has a 12mm diameter sheave and is suitable for 4mm diameter rope.
Technical specifications:
Diameter: sheave: 12mm, rope 4mm
Breaking load: 300kg
Working load: 150kg
Technical characteristics
More Information
Diameter ø 4 mm
Product Brand Wichard
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