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The manual sewing machine from SPEEDY STITCHER is a sewing aid. It can be used not only for repair work, but also for reinforcing all the seams along the edge.
The purpose of this little piece of equipment is to stitch quickly or sew fast, as its name suggests. It's compact, small and ergonomic, making it easy to use. It comes with a strong needle and polyester sewing thread, so you can repair a sail or work on leather (a strap, belt, etc.). The precision of its needle means you can easily repair a sail bag or even a seat in the cabin.
The device has a wooden handle that gives the user a better grip. This gives the user the strength needed to pierce thick fabrics. The Speedy Stitcher hand sewing machine comes with a 20 m spool of sewing thread. This is long enough to repair a sail or canvas when at sea. With the right model of machine, you can insert a fine needle with a fine thread to make fine seams.
The tool is known not only for its use on boats, but also for quick repairs to fabrics when camping, gardening or fishing. In addition to these various functions, this tool can also be used as an automatic awl.
Technical characteristics
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Dimensions 40 mm
Product Brand Speedy stitcher
Spare parts
Spare parts
  1. Straight needle
    Straight needle
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