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MATT CHEM MARINE I.B.S waterproofing is particularly suitable for tarpaulins and covers. It is packaged in a 500 ml spray.
This product forms a barrier on the surface of the textile, providing a water-repellent and film-forming effect to prevent the inlaying of dust.
It takes 800 to 900 ml of I.B.S. waterproofing spray to provide effective coverage over a 10 m2 surface.
I.B.S. waterproofing spray is invisible after application. It contains no silicone, does not emulsify in water and leaves fabrics and colours intact. The product protects treated awnings and tarpaulins against any liquid stains.
Before any application, it is advisable to carry out a compatibility test with fragile textiles. MATT CHEM MARINE I.B.S waterproofing is used on its own, in its pure state. It should be sprayed in small quantities 20 cm from the surface to be treated, always clean and dry, and in criss-cross layers. Dry in the open air.
MATT CHEM MARINE is a brand specialising in the creation and design of maintenance products for boats and the marine industry in general.
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Volume 500
Packaging Spray 500 ml
Product Brand Matt chem
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