Greytape 48 mm x 55 m Nashua

Ref. G99085
  • strong points For all repairs, ultra resistant to tearing. Indispensable on board!
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Greytape adhesive tape from NASHUA is an essential item to have on board any boat. This multi-purpose adhesive tape is very strong and can even be applied to a wet surface thanks to its high adhesive strength and water resistance.
This adhesive is renowned for fulfilling a number of tasks on board your boat. It can be used to repair, glue and even protect (turnbuckles, spreaders, stanchions, mastheads, etc.). It can be used to protect these different elements in all situations. NASHUA Greytape can be removed from any surface without leaving a trace.
This waterproof cloth tape has a number of strong points: it's multi-purpose, ultra tear-resistant and water-resistant thanks to its super-strong adhesive. It's essential to have it on board any type of boat, so you can anticipate any problems that may arise and use this adhesive. This model is 48mm wide and 55m long. Dimensions: 48mm × 55mm
Use: Gluing to all types of fabric
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Model 48 mm x 55 m
Dimensions 48 mm x 55 m
Product Brand Nashua
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