Float for inflatable water line orange, Ø 150 mm Majoni

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The orange inflatable waterline float has a diameter of 150 mm. It's an inflatable anchor buoy made from flexible PVC and fully treated to protect it from UV rays.
The inflatable waterline float is essential for marking out lanes or enclosing a certain area. This product floats perfectly in the water and is UV resistant, even after prolonged use. Its bright orange colour ensures that it remains perfectly visible during use.
The inflatable waterline float is suitable for use in all types of marine environment, whether in oceans, open waters or lakes. This product makes your navigation much safer.
This product floats gently on the water and in no way hinders your navigation. Its soft PVC design makes it extremely hard-wearing, without posing a threat to the environment. It is non-toxic and highly durable.
This safety equipment is very easy to use, store and stow. It adapts to any type of boat and can be used in any marine environment.
The surface float for inflatable water line allows the installation of demarcation lines for swimming pools or bodies of water. It can be used to mark out a surveillance area or a risk zone on a stretch of water.
It is advisable to use one orange surface float for each metre of rope.
Technical characteristics
More Information
Height 21 mm
Actual buoyancy 2 L
Color Orange
Diameter 15 cm
Shape Spherical
Model Orange, Ø 150 mm, inflatable
Weight 0,25 kg
Product Brand Majoni
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