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This Soromap epoxy laminating kit is a ready-to-use kit. It includes 300 g of epoxy resin and a piece of fibreglass taffeta measuring 110 x 9 cm. The kit is ideal for minor repairs to boat hulls and sailboards.

Do not use the product at temperatures below 14°C, either in the air or on the surface to be treated.

To use the Soromap laminating kit, mix the base and hardener in the correct proportions. The treated surface must be sanded, dry and clean, free of grease, oil and dust. Application should ideally take place in ambient air between 15°C and 20°C, never below 5°C. After mixing the resin and hardener, spread it evenly over the surface to be treated using a brush, then cover with glass mat cloth cut to size as a first coat. A second coat of resin is then applied, never exceeding 5 mm in thickness. Wait about twenty minutes before using the putty again to consolidate the lamination.
To ensure good conservation, store the components of the lamination kit away from heat and too low temperatures.
Soromap is a brand that has specialised for over 50 years in the manufacture of maintenance products and paints for pleasure boats.
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