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The bamboo wood binocular holder is a very practical storage accessory, designed in an environmentally friendly material.
This bamboo design replaces teak while retaining its signature warm look. Thanks to the glued-laminated technique, this stand is stronger and rot-proof than teak. The bamboo binocular holder lets you easily stow your binoculars in your boat's chart table. The holder can be used to store all types of binoculars, thanks to its perfectly sized interior. You can use it to store your boat binoculars as well as your hiking binoculars.
The binocular holder is made from glulam for the inside. It is made from real bamboo stalks. It is completely waterproof and rot-proof. Bamboo is a wood that is perfectly suited to marine use. It contains no toxic substances. This binocular holder is simply fixed with two screws.
BAMBOO Marine system is an ecological concept that helps to protect tropical forests.
Dimensions: 220 x 175 x 75 mm.
Technical characteristics
More Information
Type Binocular stand 220 x 175 x 75 mm
Model Binoculars
Dimensions 220 x 175 x 75 mm
Product Brand Bamboo
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