Weather stations WD4603 LA CROSSE TECHNOLOGY

Ref. N03706
  • strong points A radio-controlled clock is a clock that is synchronized to a time signal sent by a station (located near Frankfurt) with a time reference (atomic clock). The reception of this signal is done in a radius of 1,500 Km maximum (may vary according to the weat
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Time and date: radio-controlled automatically by the STAR METEO signal
Wake-up alarm with snooze
Choice of calendar or scrolling seconds display
Weather forecast by 4 icons
Weather forecast for the day and the next 3 days, with detail of the forecast per quarter of the day: morning (6 to 2 a.m.), afternoon (2-8 a.m.), evening (8-24 p.m.) and night (24-6 a.m.)
Probability of rain expressed in% for the day and the 3 days to come
Permanent display of the minimum / maximum temperatures forecast for the current day and for the following 3 days
Department setting according to the user's location
Indoor Temperature: ° C, From 0 ° C to + 59.9 ° C, Resolution: 0. ° C, Accuracy: +/- ° C, Reading every 5 seconds, Swiss Sensor
Indoor Hygrometry:% RH, From to 99% RH, Resolution:% RH, Accuracy: +/- 5% RH, Reading every 5 seconds
Outdoor Temperature: ° C, From -39.9 ° C to + 59.9 ° C, Resolution: 0. ° C, Accuracy: +/- ° C, Reading every 5 seconds
Contrast: Adjustable from 0 to +
Low battery indicator
Can be placed on a table or fixed to the wall
Transmission 00 meters in free field
Frequency: 868 MHz
Works in Mainland France only with a coverage rate of 98% of the population. This implies that this model does not work in Corsica and the DOM-TOM.
Please check the coverage of your locality before any purchase on the site
Station dimensions: 60 x 60 x 33 mm, Station power supply: 2 x C LR4, 5V
TX35IT sensor dimensions: 38.2 x 28.3 x 2.2 mm, TX35IT sensor power supply: 2 x AA LR6, 5V
Technical characteristics
More Information
Model WD4603
Product Brand La crosse technology
Supply voltage station : 2 x C LR14 1,5V; sensor TX35IT : 2 x AA LR6 1,5V
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