Straight drypoint compass

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The drypoint compass is an old-fashioned tool for plotting and measuring dimensions, with the advantage that it never breaks down. It can be used on a variety of materials, as well as on a paper nautical chart. It complements the use of a suitable ruler and allows you to perfect your measurements. The unit of measurement used is the nautical mile, also known as the nautical mile. Nautical miles correspond to one minute of latitude, which is equivalent to a distance of 1852m.
The dry point compass we offer is a straight compass. It has two parallel legs that can be opened almost completely. Easy to use, the dry point compass is the ultimate measuring tool. This dry point compass is made of brass and its fine points are made of steel. The compass comes with a case for easy transport and optimum storage.
Technical characteristics
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Length 21 mm
Model Straight
Type Straight
Dimensions 210 mm
Packaging Box of 1 item
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