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To be well prepared for a departure at sea, it is necessary and essential to have a professional quality guide. The guides from the IMRAY publishing house, translated into French, are a world reference in the world of nautical cartography.
The guides have clear presentations and are illustrated with high-resolution photos that perfectly complement plans and very detailed maps. For a sea trip or a cruise, the use of this type of guide is essential to make your trip as successful as possible.
This comprehensive guide includes as much information as possible on various essential points to know such as administrative formalities , tourist places, optimal seasons to visit, currencies, equipment and services available or even the main anchorages and moorings.
The Italian Waters Pilot guide covers the coasts of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Sardinia, Sicily, the Ionian 'heel' and Malta in one volume. There is also El Ferréol's guide to Gibraltar which covers all of Galicia from the Portuguese border to Corunna, the Portuguese coasts from Foz do Minho to Cape Saint Vincent (the Algarve) and also Andalusia from Cape Saint Vincent in Gibraltar.
This product is essential for preparing your cruise and your sea voyage. The strong point of this book is its free update which can be viewed on the WAGON website.
Technical characteristics :
• Edition: IMRAY
• Model: Italian Waters Pilot: Tyrrhenian Sea, Sardinia, Sicily, the Ionian 'heel' and Malta.
Technical characteristics
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Model Italian Waters Pilot
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