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The ENO 2-burner stove is a piece of nautical cooking equipment designed for sailing boats.

It is fitted with a stainless steel swing that follows the movement of the boat, preventing water from escaping from the pan, for example. The stove has 2 burners that can be used simultaneously, as well as pot holders, which are essential at sea.
The ENO stove is fitted with a gas plate. It is connected to the bottle by a flexible gas hose. For the safety of everyone on board, the burners and taps are fitted with a thermocouple gas safety system.
As regards its technical specifications, the dimensions of the ENO 2-burner stove when assembled are: W 511 x D 334 x H 246 mm. For the swing to be functional, the stove must be placed on a surface at least 392 mm deep.
The power of the burner ranges from 1750 to 2500 W and the stove weighs 3kg.
The French brand ENO, which will soon be a century old, specialises in nautical cooking equipment (stoves, gas ovens, built-in hobs, etc.). This model is therefore a guarantee of quality for comfort on board.
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